Nov 20, 2011 Morning Headlines

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Morning Headlines

DiManno: Leafs manhandle Capitals

Frattin and Franson break through in 7-1 rout, a win the injury-riddled club needed badly.

Government puts tighter leash on RCMP public statements

The Star obtained a copy of a new communications protocol that requires the RCMP to flag anything that could garner national media attention to Public Safety Canada.

Vertical Toronto: Going, going up

As the highrise condos continue to rise, so do questions about how condo life is transforming the way we live, reshaping our communities and altering our view of the world.

Robertson headed back to mayor’s chair in Vancouver

Gregor Robertson, whose left-leaning, green-focused civic party has dominated Vancouver politics, won a second term Saturday night as mayor.

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Tips for Santa Claus Parade goers

The Denver Broncos QB is now 4-1 as a starter, he is routinely excoriated during the week for his failings, he kind of shrugs it all off because all he does is win.

A pooled pension plan isn’t a pension

If the point is for Canadians to have more cash when they retire, there are much more effective ways of doing that.

No app for that? No apps, period

The app is already in its dotage. A new iteration of HTML — what web browsers use — is a bet to displace the native app as the software through which you and your mobile do business. The Toronto Star is among content-producers riding the new wave.


Hamilton: Ottawa U engineers add new spin to wind power

A group of students and professors who dub themselves the “Green Engineers” have come up with a wind turbine with two sets of blades each spinning in opposite directions that is more efficient than a single set. It’s a case of more being more.

Is the European Central Bank program to buy sovereign debt illegal?

The bottom line is that Germany is likely to be the last man standing. The Euro is important to them and the responsibility for saving it will be decided in Berlin - not Paris, Brussels, or Frankfurt. It will be messy and will involve revamping the main treaty - the Treaty of Lisbon.

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DiManno: Leafs manhandle Capitals

Frattin and Franson break through in 7-1 rout, a win the injury-riddled club needed badly.

DiManno: Silencing Reimer over state of noggin unseemly

Clomping off the ice after Saturday’s skate, James Reimer bent deep over his goalie pads to reach down and sign autographs.


Five Leaf questions: From Frattin to Franson

Can the Leafs continue to roll after blowing out the Capitals, or will they be tired after the short turnaround in Raleigh?

Americans capture Presidents Cup

Tiger Woods earns the point to seal victory over Internationals, while Jim Furyk goes five for five.

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How kids’ flicks stack up

This guide will help parents navigate and prepare for the onslaught of Muppets, Chipmunks and other animated critters soon to be lurking in theatres.

Jack Layton biopic in the works

Veteran filmmaker Laszlo Barna and the CBC are collaborating on a biopic on the life of late NDP leader Jack Layton.


Demi Moore to end marriage to Ashton Kutcher: reports

Demi Moore is ending her marriage to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, she told the Associated Press Thursday.

Happy Feet Two: Less happy, more worry

The sequel is a darker version of the 2006 Oscar winner, but a pair of krill feed us some big laughs.

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My Kardashian divorce: Why our marriage lasted less than a year

They were married four times as long as Kim Kardashian but split up within a year of saying “I do.” Toronto exes Jenny Johnston and Brice Hall talk to the Star about their 360-day marriage.

Meet the restaurant barkers of King St. W.

The solitary touts who wheedle, cajole or murmur quietly are loved by some and snubbed by others. Meet two of them.


The Real Dirt: Plants with racy reputations

Sonia Day tries growing the sexy specimens featured in her new book, The Untamed Garden.

The Dish: A chicken bento box is the saltiest dish we’ve analyzed yet

The Dish analyzes the chicken bento box from Sushi on Bloor, a popular Annex eatery

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Canada’s spa star shines

From B.C. to Niagara to Quebec, Canada produces some of the top spas in the world.

Lose yourself in the Alps

Twelve interconnected resorts in two countries, 650 km of groomed runs, 197 lifts — the Portes du Soleil stats read like Jose Bautista’s baseball card.


Untangling travel warning websites

“Is it safe?” That’s the most common

American royalty

Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California is larger than life, just like its illustrious founder.

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