Nov 25, 2011 Morning Headlines

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Morning Headlines

Home attack victim pleaded with intruder to kill her

The surviving victim of a violent home attack feared she’d be raped, a jury was told.

Toronto Now: Three men in hospital after club district stabbing

Police responded to a call to John St. and Richmond St. W. around 2:30 a.m.

Woman pepper sprays shoppers for Black Friday deals

A woman shot pepper spray to keep shoppers from merchandise she wanted during a Black Friday sale, and 20 people suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

Saskatchewan passes Ontario in wages

Surpassing Ontario for the first time ever, Saskatchewan now has the second highest average wage in Canada after Alberta.

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Woman’s brain reveals new regions of sex stimulation

For the first time, researchers have shown that the stimulation of the vagina, cervix and clitoris activate three separate regions in the sensory cortex of a woman’s brain, contrary to what many sex experts have long believed.


Canadian wage gains continue to fall, now behind inflation

A new report shows real wages in Canada are plummeting, with weekly payroll gains falling to levels not seen since the recession.

France and Germany to propose changing EU treaties to halt euro crisis

President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared to temper his calls for the European Central Bank to play a bigger role in solving Europe’s debt crisis as he agreed to a German effort to change EU treaties to improve the governance of the troubled eurozone.


After 4 million coffees and three million donuts, Tim Hortons pulls out of Kandahar

There will be no more double doubles in Afghanistan.

What China means to Canada

China’s factory sector shrank the most in 32 months in November, reviving worries that China may be skidding towards an economic hard landing.

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Cox: Lulay poised to become CFL’s next star

With all the good QBs getting old, the timing is right for the Lions pivot to blossom.

Lions quarterback Lulay captures CFL’s outstanding player award

Travis Lulay received the outstanding player award Thursday ahead of Montreal’s Anthony Calvillo in voting conducted by the Football Reporters of Canada and the CFL’s eight head coaches.


Can Leafs start printing playoff tickets? Recent history says, Yes

By being in a playoff spot now, the Leafs increase their chances of making the post-season.

Poll: Who’s the second-best player in the NHL?

It’s no longer Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos.

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Lights’ musical Siberian journey worthwhile

Toronto artist takes ambitious sophomore record into Sound Academy glad of its risks and quirks.

Kanye fights plagiarism charge

Man alleges Kanye West’s “Stronger” borrows from him. Plus: a predicted setlist for the concert.


Why Shakespeare matters: ‘We’re all Hamlets’

Star columnist Heather Mallick argues that the words of the Bard still guide our daily lives.

Why the Bible matters: Its words live on

Feature writer Ken Kidd argues that the King James Bible has anchored nearly every aspect of English-speaking culture.

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Put eye exams on your to-do list, say experts

Half of Canadians are ignoring their eye health and may pay the price with blindness. Are you one of them?

Rihanna goes casual in new fashion line for Armani

Pop sensation Rihanna has launched a small fashion collection of jeans and underwear for Giorgio Armani’s Emporio.


Brisket with a side of trash talk

Professional gambler Jonathan Duhamel sits at the head of the table, where he gives other dinner guests a master class in bluffing.

Food: 13,000 cookbooks â€" and counting

The University of Guelph has a mammoth collection of cookbooks and believes these volumes are a window into our lives.

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Winter Getaways for Canadians

The holiday season is a popular time for Canadians to plan a getawayâ€"but where do you go? Whether you’re thinking of escaping to Caribbean beaches or capturing the spirit of the season somewhere closer to home, these ten suggestions will inspire you to find a place full of good cheer.

Buff up on Buffalo

Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend shopping are great, but there's tons more to do in Buffalo.


Getting the country groove on in Nashville

Aspiring songwriters and singers, as well as folks who just love the country vibe, find a home away from home in Nashville’s storied nightspots.

Getting the country groove on in Nashville

Aspiring songwriters and singers, as well as folks who just love the country vibe, find a home away from home in Nashville’s storied nightspots.

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