Nov 27, 2011 Morning Headlines

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Morning Headlines

Ajax teacher prepares to rebuild his life after acquittal in Jamaican court

Paul Martin speaks publicly for the first time since he was charged with trying to kill his wife on their Jamaican vacation last December.

Maple Leaf Sports plans broadcast gamble

Sources say high-profile sports company plans to develop a regional sports channel that would show Maple Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC games.

Cohn: McGuinty will pay a price for minority missteps

The Tories have targeted public sector unions. For the minority Liberals to win over public opinion, they need more cogent arguments.

Catholics hear newly translated Mass

Some of the best known prayers in the English language will change in first major revision since 1969.

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Must Reads - Home Page Editor's Picks

Doug Smith's Sports Blog: Sorting through your weekend mail

The Star's Doug Smith sorts through your questions to bring you his perspective.

Maple Leaf Gardens: From shrine to supermarket

Transformed Maple Leaf Gardens to open for the first time in more than a decade on Nov. 30, 2011.

Teachers takes ‘for sale’ sign off Leafs

After eight months of trying, pension plan board decides it won’t get the cash it wants for MLSE


This basement flood led to a lawsuit

When a basement flooded just before a home sale closed, the owner didn’t tell the buyer. Should he?

I camped out in Wal-Mart for Black Friday

Our reporter spent the night camped out at a Wal-Mart in Buffalo to capture the Black Friday fever. Here’s her report.

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DiManno: Kessel prefers to let his stick do the talking

“Whiffed it.’’ That was Phil Kessel’s description of his shoot-out wrister against Dallas Friday night.

Geezer punch-up upstages big game

Friday night’s Vanier Cup set the bar high for entertainment on Grey Cup weekend, but all anyone wanted to talk about Saturday was the scrap between gridiron geezers Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca.


Feschuk: Lupul still miffed at being dumped by Ducks

If you spent Saturday, or almost any day, in this dazzling part of Southern California, perhaps you’d at least partly understand why Joffrey Lupul, the Maple Leafs forward, remains a tad miffed with the brain trust of the Ducks.

Live at 6 p.m.: Follow the Grey Cup with Damien Cox and Mark Zwolinski

Read along as Damien Cox in Vancouver and Mark Zwolinski in Toronto Tweet their observations of the CFL title game.

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Lights’ musical Siberian journey worthwhile

Toronto artist takes ambitious sophomore record into Sound Academy glad of its risks and quirks.

Kanye fights plagiarism charge

Man alleges Kanye West’s “Stronger” borrows from him. Plus: a predicted setlist for the concert.


Why Shakespeare matters: ‘We’re all Hamlets’

Star columnist Heather Mallick argues that the words of the Bard still guide our daily lives.

Why the Bible matters: Its words live on

Feature writer Ken Kidd argues that the King James Bible has anchored nearly every aspect of English-speaking culture.

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In praise of handwritten notes

In an age of email and texting, is the writing on the wall for letter writing? Definitely not, says the Post a Letter Social Activity Club

Fashion market ‘pops up’ on King West

Market is a constant destination for premium, local shopping â€" with the option of a cocktail on the side.


Put eye exams on your to-do list, say experts

Half of Canadians are ignoring their eye health and may pay the price with blindness. Are you one of them?

Rihanna goes casual in new fashion line for Armani

Pop sensation Rihanna has launched a small fashion collection of jeans and underwear for Giorgio Armani’s Emporio.

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Winter Getaways for Canadians

The holiday season is a popular time for Canadians to plan a getawayâ€"but where do you go? Whether you’re thinking of escaping to Caribbean beaches or capturing the spirit of the season somewhere closer to home, these ten suggestions will inspire you to find a place full of good cheer.

TV anchor’s desk job won’t keep her grounded

Sleepless nights in the world’s trouble spots haven’t dulled CTV veteran reporter Lisa LaFlamme’s love of travel.


The recline and fall of Western Civilization

Fliers weigh in on the etiquette of reclining seats.

Contiki’s golden deals

Treat yourself to Fort Lauderdale, or try a southern Ontario getaway in Stratford.

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