Dec 13, 2011 Morning Headlines

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Hello Cabuyano!

Morning Headlines

600 tickets for parking in their own driveway

A suburban Markham couple has racked up $25,000 in fines for blocking the road or the sidewalk with their second vehicle.

Should province set targets to boost kids’ love of reading?

The Ontario government should set targets to boost the number of students who say they like to read, just as it has set targets for test scores, says People for Education.

Snake slithers into Brampton bathroom

A small snake decided to claim Dalwood Arian’s toilet as its own last night.

Iran refuses to return U.S. spy drone

Instead Iran’s defence minister demanded an apology from Washington.

Investing in our Infrastructure

Would you invest YOUR money?

In an exclusive video, experts discuss the pros and cons of investing money in Canadian infrastructure.
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TTC sex leads to charges for couple

A rider saw the couple having sex on the subway and pushed the passenger assistance alarm.


Markets fall as mood darkens over EU crisis pact

Enthusiasm for riskier assets such as stocks and the euro faded Monday as investors worried that Europe’s new pact aimed at fixing the continent’s debt crisis would be insufficient.

Bell’s exclusive NHL/NFL deals off-side, says regulator

The CRTC has ordered Bell Mobility to provide its exclusive NHL and NFL mobile content to its rival Telus.


What in the world is worrying you?

BBC World News Survey finds nearly a quarter of people around the world were talking about greed and corruption earlier this year. Tell us what you were talking about this year.

RIM must install local data centre, demands Indonesia

Indonesia’s telecommunications regulator is demanding that Research in Motion build a local data centre if it wants to continue doing business in that country.

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Cox: Sidney Crosby watch is back on again

The NHL got a stark reminder today that brain injuries (formerly known by the more benign term concussions) are still the No. 1 issue facing the sport with a setback to Sidney Crosby's comeback.

Crosby suffers concussion setback

Penguins star out again after return of “concussion-like symptoms.”


Ricky Ray traded to the Argos

Ray, 32, is heading to the Argos in exchange for QB Steven Jyles, a first-round pick in the CFL draft and kicker Grant Shaw.

Leafs say they won’t take Hurricanes lightly

The Buds made sure to handle all discussions about the struggling Carolina Hurricanes with care Monday morning at practice.

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Salem: CBS missed the point of Flashpoint

Toronto-shot CTV series caught fire in Canada, where it is properly appreciated.

‘Austin Powers: The Musical’?

Mike Myers is reportedly in discussions to write an Austin Powers musical to run on Broadway.


Louis C.K. selling new special for $5 on his website

Comic puts up new special online first for fans to purchase.

NASA launches radio station aimed at tech-savvy youth

NASA has boldly gone to a place where no astronaut has gone before: the radio music industry.

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Google loves its doodles

Jennifer Hom is one of a handful of illustrators who dress up the Google home page.

Healthy grain bowl fuels holiday shopping

Urban Herbivore is the only vegan restaurant in the Eaton Centre food court. Shame about the rudeness.


Students finish what pros started

Province-wide competition invites high schoolers to complete works started by Miriam Toews, Johanna Skibsrud and Ian Rankin.

Canadians are doing it less, study reveals

A recent survey of 13,000 respondents in 13 countries indicates Canadians are less interested in sex.

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Get married naked on TV for a Jamaica trip

Hedonism II offering a free wedding and 4 nights stay if folks get married in the nude on a TV broadcast.

The French Town That Charmed Leonardo da Vinci

Lovely castles and a gentle river in Amboise, France.


Florida Keys dining fresh as the ocean around it

Despite the retro ’50s beach shack vibe, visitors hunting for great food on this laid-back island chain will discover the real thing, prepared by people who love what they do.

Aging gracefully: New Delhi at 100

Monday Dec. 12 marks 100th anniversary of founding of the modern city of New Delhi.

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