Dec 21, 2011 Morning Headlines

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Morning Headlines

Nun took a vow of poverty â€" but is suing for pay

Victoria Ivantchenko is suing the Sisters of St. Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Monastery — including the Mother Superior — as well as the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto for “wrongful constructive dismissal.” The crux of the case stems from the question of whether Ivantchenko can be considered an employee at all.

Rob Ford losing key votes on council, analysis shows

Mayor Rob Ford needs the support of 22 out of 44 councillors to win a vote. In 2011, council's 8 key swing voters voted with the mayor 54% of the time on significant issues, down markedly from the start of his term.

The most expensive tower condo in the 905

The 4,200-square-foot condo is being offered at $3.2 million, a new record for the 905 regions.

ORNGE ordered to open books

Star investigation: Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews tells air ambulance rescue service to open up the books and be accountable to taxpayers.

Toronto and the world at your fingertips for tablets

Performing like an app you download from an appstore, but available via a web browser, our new web app allows readers using tablets to seamlessly explore on Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
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The most watched videos of 2011

Halifax German shepherd and Winnipeg tween singer Maria Aragon top Canucks on favourite YouTube videos.


Roseman: Bell will stop Internet throttling

Bell vows not to slow down Internet traffic by March 1. But will this policy lead to higher prices for consumers?

Inflation poised to hit 20-year high

Higher food and oil prices pushed the cost of living 3 per cent higher this year, but inflation is expected to ease in 2012 due to weaker demand in the global economy.


Google tablet coming in six months

Google chair Eric Schmidt confirms that an Android-powered competitor to Apple’s iPad is coming soon.

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Griffin: Jays pitch for Japanese sensation Darvish was more than $50 million

It matters little to Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos, the encouraging pats on the back he might receive for being runner-up to the Texas Rangers on the posting bid for Yu Darvish.

Cox: Time for lesser Maple Leafs to pull harder on rope

Call-up Darryl Boyce should help take a bit of the load off Toronto’s big guns.


Armstrong proves NHL head games not so simple

The matter of Colby Armstrong keeping his head injury a secret from the Leafs is instructional. It reveals more than ever the difficulty the NHL will have in trying to curb this epidemic.

Leafs feel the love on fan night

Tuesday’s inaugural Leafs Nation Fan Night at the Air Canada Centre was a love-in, a microcosm of the massive, passionate following the team enjoys virtually every day of the season.

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Prizes and paternity tests: the year in Bieber

Five ups and five downs in the life of Justin Bieber in 2011.

Tintin a thrilling, old-fashioned adventure

Director Steven Spielberg incorporates the thrills of his Indiana Jones series with state-of-the art computer animation.


A Grinch's guide to unseasonal TV

Not everything on the air this week is tangled up in tinsel

Top 10 YouTube videos of 2011

Halifax German shepherd and Winnipeg tween singer Maria Aragon top Canucks on favourite YouTube videos.

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Custom-made Christmas crackers offer gift of peace

Former nun Gillian McCrostie of Bracebridge, Ont., finds fulfillment in continuing a British Victorian tradition that brings joy to others during the holidays.

Should kids miss hockey games for holiday parties?

Should kids make the game or the holiday party? There’s high drama involved in league hockey time commitments for Greater Toronto Families


Interfaith series: Muslim-Christian family strives for unity

In the second of the Star’s profiles on interfaith families, meet the Razas, Pakistani Sunni-Shia grandparents whose sons married Catholic and Protestant women.

The Style List: A kinder holiday

What caught our eye this week? Charming thank you cards and hip hostess gifts to capture the spirit of giving.

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Charity encourages tourists to ‘pack with a purpose’

Five pounds of goods can mean a world of difference to many folks.

Biz travel types love San Francisco; not so much L.A.

Survey finds business travelers like the Dallas airport but aren’t so fond of Houston as a conference destination.


Six Things to do in . . . Victoria

It's not all about tea and flowers; British Columbia's capital is full of funky cafes, great shops and lots more.

Pensacola Soul â€"Florida town is Podunk no more

Pensacola looking spiffier by the day with new hotels and attractions, but the same old, long and lovely beach.

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