Jan 27, 2012

Daily Briefing from USATODAY.com - January 27

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Brewer won't release letter she handed to Obama
Activist Erin Brockovich looking into teens' mystery ailment
Romney and Gingrich come out swinging in latest debate
Somalia hostage's husband cites 'three months of hell'
Pat Sajak, Vanna did 'Wheel of Fortune' drunk
Robert Hegyes, played Epstein on 'Welcome Back Kotter,' dies
Hegyes, Epstein on 'Welcome Back, Kotter,' dies
'Kotter' holds a classy reunion in TV Land
Jim Irsay calls Peyton Manning 'a politician'
Penn State pays tribute to Joe Paterno at memorial service
ESPN ripped for 'sick love affair' with Tebow
Kolber finally talks about Namath incident
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CEO compensation: Starbucks' Schultz joins $50M-plus club
Taco Bell enters breakfast arena
Penney's slashing prices on all merchandise
Stocks fade as Dow nears post-crisis peak
Consumers in the middle of Google-Facebook battle
Have privacy concerns about Google, Facebook?
Dyson Hot heats a room nicely, but price burns
New Vizio HDTV breaks widescreen barrier for movies, apps
Questions loom over Costa Concordia disaster
Photo tour: A peek inside Disney's next ship
Costa Concordia passengers ponder compensation
Flight diverts as 'unruly' smoker causes fight
Editorial: For-profit colleges are no answer to high tuition
Column: Repeal Alabama's immigration law
Column: Putting perspective on Florida primary
Opinionline: Is Google 'going evil' on privacy?
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