Jan 20, 2012

Personal Finance from USATODAY.com - January 20

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Editor's Picks
Investors flee stock funds for fourth year in a row
Some fees might have failed in 2011, but others may come
Options for 401(k) plans get more affordable
Our cars are getting older, too: Average age now 10.8 years
Scarcity of women causes men to spend more, save less
Housing outlook is more upbeat
Suze or not, look closely at celebrities' prepaid cards
Money Watch: Where can I find a CD yielding 5%?

Money Features
Ask Matt: How can investors figure out when a company split its stock? Can you use Cott Beverages as an example?

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How to invest in the S&P 500 with little money
Income-hungry investors await reinstated dividends
Biggest retirement planning mistake? Doing nothing
Ask Matt: Is a slow and steady market recovery best?
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