Jan 20, 2012

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Morning Headlines

Afghan schoolgirl Roya faced down police in Kandahar airport

We were two foreign men travelling with an Afghan schoolgirl, trying to ignore the death stares from other passengers in Kandahar airport, when two policemen swaggered up and sat down.

G20 officers should be charged in Nobody arrest: Police watchdog

Five Toronto police officers should be charged with using unnecessary force against protester Adam Nobody during the G20 summit 19 months ago, an independent police review says.

Hume: Mississauga waking up to a new reality

After 33 years with Hazel McCallion as mayor, Canada’s sixth-largest city faces an uncertain future.

Concordia video: Crew orders life-jacketed passengers back to their cabins

A Costa Concordia crew member told passengers to go back to their cabins because everything was under control after the luxury cruise liner slammed into rocks near the coast of Tuscany.

Winterlicious Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

Check out Toronto.com's Winterlicious Guide

Over 175 top restaurants to choose offering prix-fixe menus January 27th to February 9th. Find all participating restaurants and menus at Toronto.com and reserve your table January 12th.
Must Reads - Home Page Editor's Picks

Mobile devices to get 500 times faster

The new technology would use less bandwidth and allow smartphones and tablets to download most TV shows in about 20 seconds.


Inflation in Canada falls as prices drop for food and gas

Inflation in Canada fell sharply last month to 2.3 per cent, as prices for most major items — from gasoline and food, to cars and clothing — plunged in December.

Apple iBooks 2: Can Apple revolutionize textbooks?

iBooks 2 will be a “new textbook experience for the iPad,” Apple announced Thursday. The tech giant has partnered with publishers to pull it off.


Nortel trial: Allegations of criminal conspiracy baseless, defence argues

Nortel executives had no motive to manufacture results when the bonus structure meant they’d have been paid anyway, fraud trial hears

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Doug Smith's Sports Blog: World is a darker place with death of Sarah Burke

We need women and athletes like Burke to remind us of people who play games and compete in individual sports simply because they love them.

Sarah Burke’s family sets up website to help pay for her medical bill

“Please consider helping them cover the enormous cost of Sarah's recent medical care and to provide for other arrangements by donating,” a website message reads. “Your support in their greatest time of need will be gratefully appreciated and forever remembered.”


Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies

Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke died Thursday at the University of Utah Hospital from injuries sustained in a training accident.

Photos: Freestyle skier Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke was a freeskiing pioneer who pushed her sport to new limits, all the way into the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

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Red Tails review: Scarlet avengers break colour barrier

Red Tails is thrillingly set during World War II, but it actually concerns a more enduring battle: racial prejudice.

Coriolanus review: Winning take on Shakespeare’s Universal Soldier

In his directorial debut, Ralph Fiennes finds modern resonance in the Bard's gruesome play Coriolanus.


File-sharing site Megaupload.com shut down in anti-piracy move

U.S. Federal prosecutors have shut down one of the world’s largest file-sharing sites, Megaupload.com, and charged its founder and others with violating piracy laws.

Jim Gaffigan feeds his muse a varied diet

Comedian hit big with food, but fans at Massey Hall Saturday will get a more varied diet.

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Chinese New Year celebrations in Toronto kick off Year of the Dragon

Come Sunday, millions of families worldwide will come together to feast and celebrate as the dragon breathes life into the new year.

Lost purse returned: Tell us your stories of valuable objects lost and found

It could’ve been a bank fraud and ID-theft spree. Instead my handbag was returned â€" even the lone Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup had survived.


Don’t blame Paula Deen’s diabetes denial for America’s obesity epidemic: Bain

Was Paula Deen wrong to hide her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis while promoting rich, fatty food? Yes. But let’s not blame her for America's obesity crisis, writes Jennifer Bain.

Toronto restaurant tip debate boils over

When diners are told how much they’re expected to tip — 20 per cent, some are urging — the experience can leave behind a foul taste.

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Tourists sample Patagonia’s harsh beauty in Chile’s Torres del Paine national park

Chile’s Patagonia is a haven for hikers, a taste of Alaska, the Alps, the Himalayas and the High Sierra all in one place. It is considered one of the Top treks in the world.

Quebec City Travel: It’s winter Carnival time

Quebec City’s famous winter Carnival, which starts next week, is a great travel destination for Canadians.


Winter fun for non-skiers: zipping, tubing, gliding and sledding

Winter holidays: active pursuits for non-skiers flourish at Canadian ski resorts.

It’s Cheeseburger Week: were they born in California?

Pasadena, California celebrates Cheeseburger Week, claiming America’s fave food invented there in the 1920s. And we thought Texas invented everything.

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