Feb 29, 2012

Daily Briefing from USATODAY.com - February 29

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Mitt Romney wins Arizona, Michigan
Prosecutor: Shooting suspect chose victims at random
Rutgers student believed she committed no crime
Maine GOP Sen. Snowe won't seek re-election
Angelina Jolie's right leg goes viral
'DWTS' cast includes Menounos, Navratilova, DeGraw, 'Urkel'
'American Idol': The top 13 guys sing
Pink Floyd's 'The Wall,' reconstructed
Kobe Bryant diagnosed with a concussion
Video: One of Jordan's greatest moments now a Gatorade ad
Giants, NFL open on Wednesday, avoid Obama
NASCAR says Brad Keselowski can keep cellphone in race car
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3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead
'CR' names Subaru top automaker
Dow finally closes back above 13,000: How long till 14,000?
Greece approves tough salary, pension cuts
iPad 2 prices fall with next model looming
Microsoft's future riding on Windows 8
New 'Medal of Honor' deploys in October
Leap year shift keeps the calendar in line with seasons
Airport X-ray machines are safe for passengers, report says
WTF? Controversial tourism slogan bites the dust
Guess the airline: Twin Cities buzzing over news
Disney's newest cruise ship arrives in USA
Editorial: Santorum distorts Kennedy's words on religion
Column: Safety of new obesity drug requires more FDA study
Column: Huguely's failure to speak
Editorial: Who else is paying your doctor?
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