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Issue #1696(7), Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Issue #1696(7), Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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Thousands Rally to Show Their Support for Putin
FSB Investigates St. Petersburg's Ex-Chief of Police
Thousands in St. Petersburg came to show their support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his bid to return to the presidency Saturday. The rally was held as part of a national campaign of pro-Putin rallies the same day.
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The Federal Security Service (FSB) has been investigating the activities of St. Petersburg's former police chief, Mikhail Sukhodolsky, who was recently dismissed from his position. Sukhodolsky is suspected of violations and financial manipulation in the state security company Okhrana, where he previously held a management position, Fontanka.
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Lada Cars Lose First Ranking
Zaitsev Celebrates 50 Years in Fashion
Russia's most popular car brand Lada lost its traditional lead in sales in St. Petersburg last year. Nissan instead became the most bought car, Delovoi Peterburg daily reported, citing Avtostat agency.
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The legendary designer and patriarch of Russian fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev is celebrating half a century in the industry with an exhibition at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. The show, which opened to the public on Feb.
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Opposition Groups Urged to Cooperate
Director Alexander Sokurov, authors Boris Strugatsky and Yakov Gordin and composer Leonid Desyatnikov are among those who signed a public appeal to the St. Petersburg opposition Tuesday. It urges people to stop quarreling and unite in protest against the rigged Dec.
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Foreign Investment Up ST. PETERSBURG (SPT) — Foreign investment in St. Petersburg's economy increased by 17 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, totaling $6.12 billion, the city's Investment and Strategic Projects Committee press service reported.
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PM Putin Writes Military Manifesto
Opposition, Medvedev Share Forum
MOSCOW — Equating corruption in the armed forces with high treason, attracting private investors to arms manufacturing and providing better benefits to retired soldiers are some of the concepts Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin expounded on in his latest article, dedicated to military reform.
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MOSCOW — President Dmitry Medvedev won tentative praise from opposition leaders Monday after meeting with them and confirming a proposal to create a working group to discuss political reforms. Most prominent leaders said there weren't any breakthroughs at the meeting, which was devoted to the opposition's reform proposals.
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Latvia Rejects Russian as National Language
RIGA, Latvia — Latvian voters rejected a proposal to give official status to Russian, the mother tongue of their former Soviet occupiers, though the referendum Saturday is expected to leave scars on an already divided society.
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Broaden Your Mind — Without Spending a Penny
Start-Ups Appeal to 89 Percent of Managers
While it may seem that the consumer era continues to dictate life by its materialistic rules, an opposing tendency can be observed in at least one sphere: Education. The diversity of open lectures and workshops available to the knowledge-thirsty public in St.
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Starting up a company with a new idea that may seem crazy is becoming more and more attractive in the modern world. Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube are all high-profile examples of projects that began with a unique idea and became amazingly successful and internationally renowned, now providing thousands of employees with a stable workplace and salary.
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City Job Market Oversaturated
Top-End Hotels Continue to Dominate
Job vacancies in journalism are the most sought-after and competitive in St. Petersburg, with 132 jobseekers for each vacancy in this field, according to data collated by HeadHunter recruitment portal in November last year.
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Intense competition on the city's hotel real estate market promises to bring about improvement in quality levels this year. Experts from Knight Frank St. Petersburg, however, predict that profit indexes will not increase much.
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IHG To Join Local Operators
Philip Morris Names Threats to Cigarette Market
InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) signed a contract last week to open its first hotel in St. Petersburg in 2016 with constructions starting in 2013. Aron Libinson, vice president of IHG for development in Russia and the CIS, said IHG was interested in the St.
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Philip Morris International Tobacco Company is more concerned about the influence on tobacco sales of Russia's recent acceptance into the WTO than it is about the warning labels the company is required to put on its cigarette packs and about anti-tobacco campaigns.
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Rogozin's Three-Ring Circus
regional dimensions: The Devil in the Election Bill Details
After Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which political figure would you guess state-controlled television and Kremlin-friendly newspapers have been covering the most over the past month? Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is the hands-down winner.
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The Kremlin often implements policies that it never makes public, and this is the reason many of its actions seem pointless or absurd. Take, for example, a bill on the State Duma elections unveiled last week that has already become the butt of many jokes among analysts.
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Subway stop
Showcasing Homegrown Musicians
The Subways, an English indie rock trio from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, are coming to Russia for the first time on the back of their new album and a new single. Guitarist and singer Billy Lunn spoke to The St.
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This winter's Glavbeat festival, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 25 at Glavclub, features exclusively local bands, in contrast to previous years. "The current festival introduces bands from St. Petersburg only," said Vadim Melnikov, Glavclub's press attaché and promoter.
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By George, she's got it!
Just how far can purity of language and good manners get you in life? This question is sure to be laughed at in modern Russia, where university degrees have long become a matter of a bribe, and top-flight politicians score points with voters by speaking in street slang.
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Le Cristal restaurant, which occupies an enviable location on the Martynov embankment next to the yacht club on Krestovsky Island, has something to be proud of this week. The venue has had the good fortune to snap up Filippo Licata, one of Italy's most successful chefs and a darling of the crème de la crème of European bohemians and politicians alike.
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the word's worth: In the hot seat
Suicide pact
Сажать/посадить: to seat, plant, imprison, put In English, I don't have much occasion to use the verb "to seat." In fact, I think the last time I used it was a year or so ago: "Even though we made a reservation, the maitre d' didn't seat us right away.
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In the wake of a high-profile spree of teen suicides across Russia, now might seem like the worst time to release a teen movie titled "The Suicides." Despite its gloomy title, however, the debut work of filmmaker Yegor Baranov is a life-affirming comedy, with plenty of action scenes and black humor.
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Funky festival
in the spotlight: MTV plugged
With spring just around the corner, the city is slowly emerging from its long hibernation. The vibrant strains of jazz could help to speed up this process, as the traditional Usadba Jazz festival has grown to present a new winter festival: Usadba Jazz Zima.
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Last week, MTV Russia announced that it was pulling a political talk show hosted by It girl and media personality Ksenia Sobchak after just one episode. In an enigmatic statement, it said it was suspending the show to "define the format and the channel's positioning.
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THE DISH: Raponji
The real deal Going out for sushi in St. Petersburg is all too often a guarantee for overpriced morsels of stale fish, loud music, tacky interiors, and a stomachache that lasts well into the next day.
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A Spectator's Guide to the March 4 Election
While the public outcry has resulted in an openness for opposition voices not seen in years and a genuine feeling that change is in the air, the names on the ballot for the March 4 presidential vote and the expected outcome will not likely come as a surprise.
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