Mar 12, 2012

BBC News breaking news alerts - an update

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We'd like to update all subscribers of our breaking news email alerts to some changes we have made. We intend to continue sending out breaking news alerts via email, but are now using a different technical system to power this. There are a number of changes as a result, which can be summarised as follows:

The email address we send our emails from has now changed to - as a result your email provider may ask if you wish to add us to your 'safe-sender' list. To ensure our emails always arrive in your inbox, please do add us to this list!

We are now sending the emails with images in - again your email provider may ask if you wish to always download images from all emails from us. It is recommended you say yes to this as well.

You no longer need to log-in to our website to change your preferences or to unsubscribe. Every email we send (including this one) will contain an 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email, giving you a quick and easy way to opt-out of future alerts.

We hope you continue to find our breaking news alerts to be a useful way to keep up with the most important stories. We are reviewing other options for sending out news via email so may well be in touch again soon to ask for your feedback.

Best wishes,

The BBC News team

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