Mar 10, 2012

News: SIGMA BC1606L 16-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer

  • 16 Functions
  • 2 Bike Programmable
  • Low Battery Indicator w/ Memory Chip
  • Easy to program/Tool Free installation
  • Waterproof

$ 44.00
The Sigma computer for dedicated cyclists. The “L” in the BC1606L is for the “smart” back light. The cadence functions (current and average) provide valuable training data for efficient cycling both on the road and in the woods, and can be turned off completely when not in use. The count down timer is perfect for crits, cross, or racing against the clock. Handlebar or stem mount. 16 Functions: speed, avg speed, max speed, speed comparison, trip distance, total distance bike 1, total distance bike 2, total distance bike 1 + 2, clock, ride time, low battery indicator, two bike programmable, total ride time bike 1, total ride time bike 2, total ride time bike 1+ 2, memory back up function, cadence, average cadence.Sigma’s BC 1606L is the top m

SIGMA BC1606L 16-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer

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