Mar 14, 2012

News: Sigma ROX 9.0 Triple Wireless Computer

  • Sophisticated wireless bicycle computer with dozens of functions
  • Measures current, average, and maximum speed; built-in heart rate monitoring
  • Reads current altitude and incline/decline; displays total climb/descent
  • 3 cadence functions; stopwatch, countdown timer, clock, and alarm
  • USB interface; compatible with Sigma Data Center training software

$ 249.99
The SIGMA ROX answers just about all the questions you could imagine. Besides measuring altitude, inclination and temperature, the newly developed digitally encoded 3-channel wireless STS (SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM) makes it possible to use several sensors, such as pulse measurement, speed and cadence transmitter, at the same time. PC Interface included, 78-hour log capacity with the ability to set way-points. Monitors percent gradient and temperature, has a seven trip memory. Features customizable display that allows the user to view ten favorite functions simultaneously while riding. Wireless speed, cadence and heart rate via encoded data transfer which eliminates cross-talk. Features 64 total functions in 12 different categories.Take you

Sigma ROX 9.0 Triple Wireless Computer

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