Dec 20, 2011

Daily Briefing from - December 20

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North Korea's future now hinges on Kim Jong Il's son
Experts see possible power struggle in North Korea
Poll: Americans don't like what they see in 2012 race
Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries get physical
Duchess Kate brings back black velvet
Hefner: Lohan 'Playboy' breaks sales records
Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig leave marks on 'Dragon Tattoo'
Steelers-49ers 'MNF' game experiences second power outage
49ers dim Steelers' bid for AFC top seed
Kings void Hayes' contract on heart ailment
NFL best, worst: Tebow myth busted
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Saab blames GM for bankruptcy
Why has Ford stock plunged this year?
U.S. stocks drop; Citi and other big banks fall hard
Flexible spending account deadline near
AT&T drops bid to buy T-Mobile, plans $4B charge
Ice Cream Sandwich: What to expect from Android 4.0
Google's 'Let It Snow' a winter wonderland
Facebook Timeline: 9 things you need to know
10 great places to savor Buffalo wings
A whale of a tale: Would you eat Shamu?
Luxury line plans $1,799 shore excursion
Bill would ease airport screening of troops
Editorial: In North Korea, no sign of spring
Editorial: Gingrich attacks judicial independence
Newt Gingrich: 'A dangerous despotism'
Romney: What kind of society does America want?
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