Dec 20, 2011 Morning Headlines

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Morning Headlines

It won't be a white Christmas. Here's why that's good news

“If you really want a white Christmas, go to your nearest arena, take all those shavings from the Zamboni and spread them on your front lawn,” said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips. “That’s the only chance you’re going to have.”

McGuinty eyes freeze on corporate tax cut

The cash-strapped provincial government is wrestling with a freeze of corporate tax cuts to boost the minority Liberals’ political and fiscal fortunes, sources tell the Star.

Woman banned from teaching after sex with teen student

Toronto teacher Paola Queen and her former student are now a common-law couple, with two children.

Maple Leafs continue slide with shootout loss to Kings

The Leafs picked up a point, but fell 3-2 in a shootout Monday night, losing a tight one to the equally struggling Los Angeles Kings.

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Where are the stories about St. Nick?

Where are the great tales celebrating St. Nick and his jolly ways? Santa’s literary potential seems to have been lost.


Annual inflation holds steady at 2.9 per cent in November

Canada’s annual inflation rate remained relatively strong at 2.9 per cent last month as Canadians continued to pay considerably more for food and gasoline than they had 12 months earlier.

Americans losing addiction to “CrackBerrys”

To understand what ails BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd in the U.S. market, just ask eBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe.


There’s snow in Google search forecast

Google's latest search Easter egg fills user windows with a blizzard of the white stuff.

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Griffin: Rangers top Jays with $51.7M Darvish bid

But making a multimillion-dollar pitch for the Japanese sensation shows GM Anthopoulos is in the game for other top pitchers, via trade or free agency.

Maple Leafs fall to Kings in shootout

The Leafs picked up a point, but fell 3-2 in a shootout Monday night, losing a tight one to the equally struggling Los Angeles Kings.


Hard-luck Leaf Armstrong out again with concussion, cracked toe

Colby Armstrong suffered a concussion Saturday night against the Canucks, but hid his condition from team trainers until he was found vomiting on Monday.

Local Japanese community blue over Yu

Monday’s announcement that the Texas Rangers had won the exclusive negotiating rights to right-hander Yu Darvish was crushing news for many in Toronto’s Japanese community.

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Review: Rooney Mara squeezes fresh pulp in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It’s hard to figure out why David Fincher wanted to remake The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It all comes down to “girl” of the title, played with a ferocious combination of rawness and vulnerability by 26-year-old Rooney Mara.

Salem: If Rob and Laura Petrie reunite, why not Laverne and Shirley?

TV reunions we'd like to see, real and imagined


Canada was almost setting for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Canada could have been the land of ice and snow where The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was shot.

Reality TV has firm grip on U.K. Christmas #1

Question now is will Simon Cowell be dethroned as the King of Christmastime hits by Military Wives choir?

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Interfaith series: Parenting in a two-religion household

The Star recently visited the homes of four Toronto families navigating the testy world of interfaith parenting.

Motherlode: Christmas tree showdown â€" real vs. fake

Our columnist likes artificial Christmas trees. Her sons want the real thing.


Low cal drinks help keep holiday weight in check

If you’re concerned about gaining weight over the holidays try low-cal drinks to keep extra pounds off.

Porketta bingo is Sudbury's delicious passion

If it's Saturday afternoon in Sudbury, it's time to head to the Beef 'n Bird tavern to play porketta bingo.

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Six Things to do in . . . Victoria

It's not all about tea and flowers; British Columbia's capital is full of funky cafes, great shops and lots more.

Pensacola Soul â€"Florida town is Podunk no more

Pensacola looking spiffier by the day with new hotels and attractions, but the same old, long and lovely beach.


Ottawa to crack down on misleading airline ads

Transport Canada says moves will “enhance consumer protection” with “greater transparency” of air fares; a huge win for consumers.

2 days/2 nights in Zurich

How to spend 2 days and 2 nights in Zurich, the Swiss city that’s got more nightlife than most people give it credit for.

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